Wu Ching-Fang's "Life Written in Water" Paper Sculpture Creation in 25 Years Exhibition


Bureau of Cultural Affairs

Translated by Sheng-Che Lin (Jerry)


What would you do if you have a time of 25 years? Wu Ching-Fang, born in Chiayi, has been living away from home and working in Taipei for several years. She started focusing on papercut art in full-time as she went back to Chiayi. She spent her 25 years for such simple dream. She described the exhibition as "Life Written in Water." She also employed her artwork "Rain" and "Moonlight" which metaphorically represented the time passing. There are some memories would be found that might be familiar with through her artworks. This is what makes Wu's paper sculpture style unique. "Life Written in Water" Exhibition presented the artworks created by Ms. Wu who was profession in paper sculpture for 25 years. It was also the featuring exhibition of the 25th Chiayi International Band Festival.


Wu Ching-Fang was born in Chiayi City in 1966. She has been an animation producer and a publishing editor in Taipei for her early life. She loves reading, writing, especially proses and short stories, from her childhood. Her favorite hobby is drawing. Wu becomes a self-taught paper sculpture artist with her passion of writing and drawing. "Wu found Fengchao Youyi Paper Sculpture Design Studio as she returned to Chiayi in December, 1991. She hosted The World of Paper Sculpture Exhibition in Taichung City in the next year. She later presented Traditional Chinese Style Series Exhibition at Chiayi City Cultural Center in 1994, and she accepted awards eventually. Both of her artworks "Winds Whispering in The Mountain" and "Terracotta Army: The Past Road" won a bronze award at 3Dimensional Art Directors and Illustrators Awards Show in America. Time has passed for 15 years since her last presentation at Chiayi City Cultural Center for her Seeking Series Exhibition in 2001. She continuously completed several series artworks during these 15 years, including Sad Autumn, Taiwanese Folk Music, The Reminders, etc. The most significant artworks from the series exhibitions were presented at this exhibition to the public in Chiayi City.


Wu uses paper sculpture to represent her moments and moods of her life. Most of her artworks give the audience the feelings of poignant and left behind. Wu lives a simple life, but her creation has become a spot for her simple lifestyle. In the past 25 years, she has been teaching paper sculpture at Chiayi Community University and Cultural Affairs Bureau. She created drawing for two books published by Cultural Affairs Bureau, "Pu Tien-Sheng, The Pioneer of Taiwan's Sculpture Industry" and "Mother's Black Shoes." Wu also formed a paper sculpture team ARTISTIC with a group of 22 people to make Chiayi City becomes the city of paper sculpture.



December 14, 2016 - January 8, 2017



Third Floor Art Space
Chiayi City Museum


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Wu Sung-Tsun, Division Chief
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